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What size sim card for iphone 3gs howardforums is a discussion board dedicated to mobile phones with over 1,000,000 members and growing. When you buy a sim only deal from us, it will come in the form of a multi sim. A guide for using the the iphone smartphone overseas, different sim card options and how to connect to a growing collection of bluetooth speakers. Activation sim card is ideal for iphone 2g 3g 3gs 4.

Can you switch the iphone 4 sim card with an iphone 4s sim card. Then locate the sim card slot located on the top of the iphone 3gs inbetween the power button and the. Can i take an iphone sim card and put it into a samsung phone. Nano, micro and mini sim cards can all be used in the iphone, this page highlights how to adapt each sim card to use in the iphone. My sister recently got her upgrade to get an iphone 4, so she gave me her iphone 3gs.

Insert the end of paper click or use sim eject tool into the hole on the sim card tray. A guide for using the your iphone 3g smartphone overseas, different sim card options and how to connect to a growing collection of bluetooth speakers. Another method to bypass iphone activation without sim card is by using the emergency call feature of the device. Hi there, i bought the used iphone 3gs at an unbeatable price from a former boss when his contract expired and he was offered with an iphone 4s. Nano, micro and mini sim cards can be adapted to use in your iphone 3gs, this page highlights how to adapt each sim card to use in the iphone. Most models have one physical nano sim and a secondary softwarebased esim, but the a2100 iphone xs, a2104 iphone xs max, and a2108 iphone xr sold in mainland china and hong kong when applicable have dual hardware nano sim cards. You also cannot back up data to or read data from the iphones sim. Remove or switch the sim card in your iphone or ipad. Sim card tray eject tool pin iphone 2g 3g 3gs 4 4s ipad sim removal key pin. You need to be a resident of japan to activate prepaid voice service i. During the iphone activation process, when you see the no sim card installed message, press the home key. Worse case scenario is it doesnt work and she keeps the 3gs and im down some money. Activating an iphone with a sim card is a very easy method.

Have you tried another sim from your carrier it doesnt have to be attached to an active contract or active line it just has to be working. Can i use my iphone 5 nanosim card in older iphones. The iphone 3gs is the newest, most advanced iphone that takes standard sim cards. Walmart family mobile bring your own phone sim kit. Remove sim cards, install my 3g card in her 3gs phone and vice versa, power on than restore our info via itunes again. It has a 3 mp camera, a gps and a new magnetic compass built in. Ask different is a question and answer site for power users of apple hardware and software. Order o2 uk sim only cards payg tablet sims, dongle. Start by selecting the network that your phone is from and not the network you would like to use it on. The activation sim card can activate iphone 2g 3g 3gs 4, no matter locked by which network or carrier. Insert your sim eject tool or a paper clip into the hole next to the headphone jack. Top rated products if compatible with your phone, you can purchase these sim cards and quickly snap them into place. How to activate iphone without sim card 2019 2 methods.

So if you want to use our service with a cell phone that isnt in our lineup, give us a call at 8883455509 and well send you a free sim card. It works great with ios 6, in fact, my iphone 3gs is much faster with ios 6 than my ipod touch is running ios 5. I want to use my old iphone 3gs, but dont want to pay another plan for the occasional use. Can you fit the oneplus one sim card into a iphone.

When you purchase a prepaid sim card, you can select the length of time or minutes you need. Full tutorial showing you how to remove and insert the sim card for the iphone 3gs and 3g. The full sim is the size of a credit card, but the part that contains the important data can be popped out of the larger card and used in a phone. New iphone 3gs with iphone 3g sim card macrumors forums. A bad sim will cause this youll need to get another sim to test this and replace the sim with one active from your carrier if its the cause.

Choose from our 12 and 18 month pay monthly sim deals. Unfollow sim card iphone 3gs to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. How to activate iphone without sim card activation on itunes. Choose a pay as you go sim for your phone, or pick a sim for your tablet. You can activate a cellular plan on an esim from a carrier that supports dual sim. It was introduced on june 8, 2009 at the wwdc 2009 which took place at the moscone center, san francisco. To pop open the sim tray, insert a paper clip or a simeject tool into the hole beside. This is a list of 6 bluetooth devices which are compatible with the iphone 3gs and links to articles on how. Apple includes a sim eject tool with the iphone 3g. Here is a comprehesive list of 6 bluetooth devices which are compatible with the iphone 3g and links to articles on.

The sim card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported. Get all the data you need without changing your phone. There are three types of sims used in iphone models. My iphone 3g still works, and now i know i can put it back online because ive verified that it does have a sim card. How much are sim cards for apple iphone 3gs answers. There is no such thing as an iphone sim, or a samsung sim, or anything else like that. For your convenience howardforums is divided into 7 main sections. Make offer iphone unlock sim turbo card for iphone 11 pro max xs x 8 7 6s plus r ios. The iphone 3gs requires a sim phone to be activated but theres a little hack that we used to do. In some countries and regions, these iphone models feature an esim.

So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed. Press down on the tool until the sim card tray pops out. Can i take an iphone sim card and put it into a samsung. Only compatible sim cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iphone. Try to rule out that the sim itself is bad or has failed.

Lets have a look at the 2 methods to activate iphone without sim card 2019 using the two possible ways by which you can easily activate the iphone when you dont have your cellular network sim with by just using the alternative ways that we can use. There will be no charge for this and the store can activate the iphone 4 with your wifes linenumber as well. When i got the iphone it didnt come with a sim card. Dual sim card adapter sets for iphone x 8 7 6s 6 plus,gvkvgih switch 2 sim cards in 1 phone dual. How to remove and insert sim card iphone 3gs and 3g how to use the iphone duration. Our service removes the network lock on your iphone 3gs so you can use it with other sim cards worldwide. Learn which size sim card your iphone or ipad uses apple. My sister and i dont know how to open up the iphone to put my sim card into it.

Last night, the touchscren on my samsung stopped working, so i need to put my sim card into the 3gs. Sim eject mechanism for iphone 3gs this is the sim eject mechanism for the iphone 3gs. These ipad models have an embedded apple sim thats built into the ipad. The difference between mini sim, which often is just called a sim card. No sim card installed error in iphone 3g ask different. How to remove and insert sim card iphone 3gs and 3g youtube.

To get the unlock just simply select your phone manufacturer as iphone, enter your iphone model as iphone 3gs, select. Sim card tray pin eject removal tool lebeila simcard ejector opener needle for most smartphone brands, apple ipad, samsung galaxy, htc, huawei, iphone 3g 3gs 4. Learn which size sim card your iphone or ipad uses apple support. Your apple iphone is easy to use and easy to put a new sims into it. Unlock iphone 3gs to use with other sim card through a 100% safe and secure method of unlocking. Please insert the sim card that came with your iphone or visit a supported carriers store to recive a replacement sim card. For this to work, you will simply need to use the emergency call feature, but dont actually have to connect the call. In some countries and regions, these iphone models feature an esim iphone xs.

If your iphone says sim not supported then we can network unlock it to enable you to use the iphone with other sim cards. So what happens if youre interested in swapping out your iphone 5 sim card to use in an iphone 4s, iphone 4, iphone 3gs, iphone 3g or original iphone 2g. It is very useful to activate and unlock your iphone. The sim on the iphone cant be used to store contacts. He transferred all his information to a new sim card in a different phone. Activate activation standard sim card for apple iphone 2g. The iphone 4 and 4s use a mircosim card which are smaller than standard sim cards and the iphone 5 uses a nanosim card which are smaller then microsim cards. Sherif hashim, the guy who found the exploit to unlock 05. Sim cards are not tied to any specific make, model, or brand of phone. Then click the red check price button select countryunited states usamexicounited kingdom unlock iphone 3gs read more.

The iphone 3gs is the third generation of iphone designed and marketed by apple inc. This time, i mainly sought out to verify some of the claims floating in the blogosphere, mainly concerning the iphone 3g and dealing with other sim cards. Seems simple enough but i dont want to waste the money and have her get the 3gs if its just not going to work. Instead, all data that would be stored on the sim on other phones is stored in the iphones main storage or in icloud along with your music, apps, and other data.

For example, a sim tray from an iphone 6s will not fit in an iphone 7. They are used in some older smartphones such as the iphone 3gs, samsung galaxy note, and also in basic phones like the nokia 105 and the nokia 150. Press firmly and push the paper clip straight in until the tray pops out. So as i got the iphone 3g, i jammed the clip from my works nametag into the hole in the top. It also is worth noting that the hole to push out the sim card is on the bottom of the original iphone, iphone 3g, and iphone 3gs and is on the right hand side toward the middle of the device for the gsmequipped iphone 4 as well as the iphone 4s and all subsequent models. This video tutorial shows a black iphone case having the sim card removed. Dont suggest a paper clip because we dont have any over here. If you dont have this tool, dont worry, an ordinary paperclip works just as well. You really need one activation sim card for your new iphone. This is an easy way to purchase credit in advance and avoid a monthly payment. For iphone 4, you have to cut the standard sim to micro sim card. From any home screen, tap settings general cellular. The iphone 4 and 4s use a mircosim card which are smaller than standard sim cards and the.

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